Trust Registration

Trust Registration

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    Law for Trust Registration

  • Trusts are governed by Relevant state trust act or Bombay Public Trusts Act.

    Number of Person

  • 2 persons are required to form a trust with no upper limit

    Stamp Duty Required

  • Trust is set up by a trust deed on non-judicial stamp paper worth some percentage of the value of the trust property (Stamp duty varies from state to state).

    Trust Deed

  • Trust deed contains the aims and objectives of forming a trust and the mode of management of the trust.

    Changes in Composition

  • The composition of the board changes mainly by appointment and not election.

    Main Object Alteration

  • Alteration of the objects laid down in the trust deed is difficult and only the settler can modify them.

Process and Documents required for Trust Registration

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    Selection of name of trust

    First thing is to select a unique name of trust. The name should not be similar with any other trust name, trademark, once name is finalised further documnets can be prepared.

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Drafting of trust deed

The trust deed needs to be drafted wherein the parties to the deed shall be involves. Parties named as settlor, the trustee and the beneficiary. Stamp paper value will be amounted to a fix percentage of property value and trust deed will be on stamp paper. (The rate depends upon the state to state).

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Trust registration

It is required to register the national and charitable trust deed with the nearby local registrar of trust having jurisdiction as per the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Submit all other KYC like trust deed on stamp paper, copy of id proof of settlor, trustee, and witness.

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Submit to registrar of trust and signature over the documents

At the time of registration, the settler with 2 witnesses will be personally present along with original identity proof. The registrar kept the photocopy & returns the original registered copy of the trust deed to parties. Settlor will put his sign on all the pages of photocopy of trust deed.

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Opening of bank account.

After completion of trust registration, Trustee will apply for pan card of trust that will used in opening a bank account and then comply the provision of Income tax act.

Documents Required For Trust Registration

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  •   Name of trust

  •   Business details

  •   Trust Deed on stamp paper of the requisite value with initial capital

  •   Rights and responsibilities of all three parties named as settlor, trustee and beneficiary

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