Section-8 Company Registration (NGO)

Section-8 Company Registration (NGO)

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  • Apart from individuals and associations of persons, Section 8 also allows firms to be members of these companies.

    No Minimum Share Capital

  • Section 8 companies, unlike all other companies, do not require a prescribed minimum paid-up share capital.

    Limited Liability

  • Members of these companies can only have limited liability. Their liabilities cannot be unlimited in any case

    Government License

  • Such companies can function only if they have the Central Government’s license. The Government can revoke this license as well.


  • Since these companies possess charitable objectives, the Companies Act has accorded several benefits and exemptions to them.

    Charitable Objectives

  • Section 8 companies do not aim to make profits. Their objectives are purely charitable in nature. They aim to further causes like science, culture, research, sports, religion, etc.

Process of Section-8 Company Registration

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    Checking the availability for Proposed Name

    It is not possible to register a name that is too similar to an existing company name or trademark. When it comes to name of company, a degree of freedom is given by the companies’ act 2013, however, there are certain rules and restrictions that are required to be consider during selecting the name. It is advised to submit with two names in the order of preference. Company name rules and guidelines will be used at the time of application.
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Obtain digital signature ( dsc)

First have to apply the digital signature of the subscribers. All documents of company are required to be signed digitally and online application made.
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Draft documents, moa and aoa

Memorandum of association is the charter of the company and defines the scope of its activities whereas article of association regulates the internal working of the company. Draft another documents like ground of application, declaration, affidavit, and various statements etc. All declarations and affidavit get notarized and stamped at sufficient value.
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Filing of spice 32 form ( incorporation form )

Filing of incorporation form for getting central government approval and certificate of Incorporation after attaching mandatory documents in Form Spice-32.

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Issuance of license and certificate of incorporation

After verification of all documents, Roc will issue a certificate of incorporation along with central government license which contains 6 digit numbers.

Documents Required For Section-8 Company Registration

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  •   Name of company

  •   Main object details

  •   Capital details ( authorized and paid up)

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