Limited Liabilty Partnership

Limited Liabilty Partnership

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Key Features & Benefits

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    Business Credibility

  • The information relating to the LLP such as name of the LLP, date of incorporation, registered office address, status of the LLP are made available in a publicly searchable database i.e. MCA. This feature increases the credibility between the customer, vendors and investors.

    Separate Legal Entity

  • An LLP is a separate legal entity from its partners. On incorporation it will be issued with a unique registration number, in the same way as a limited company. This registration number will stay the same throughout the lifetime of the LLP, even if the LLP changes its name.

    Limited Liability

  • The partners of an LLP act as its agents and only have liability up to the amount they have contributed to the LLP – in particular their capital contribution and sharing of profits. This is a significant advantage over a traditional partnership where the partners generally have unlimited liability.

    Organizational Flexibility

  • An LLP has the organizational flexibility of a partnership and the provisions dealing with the day to day running of the LLP will normally be contained in a written LLP agreement. An LLP agreement will typically deal with matters such as: Profits and losses, Drawings, Ownership of property etc.

    Auditing Provision

  • A LLP whose turnover does not exceed forty lakh rupees, in any financial year or whose contribution does not exceed twenty five lakh rupees does not requires audit of the accounts of the LLP.

    Continuity of Business

  • A partnership cannot carry out in perpetuity. Death, retirement, bankruptcy, insolvency or insanity of any partner will dissolve the partnership. The remaining partners may continue the partnership if they so choose, but a new agreement must be drawn up between the new partners or remaining partners.

Process of LLP Registration Packages

It is literally true that you can prosper finest and quickest by helping others to succeed.

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    .Application for digital signature certificate and designated partner identification number

    .Every individual who is intending to be appointed as designated partner of an LLP shall make an application for a digital signature certificate. A DSC is mandatory to digitally sign all forms to be filed electronically on the MCA portal.
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Reservation of name of the LLP

An applicant must get a name reserved for new LLP to be incorporated. A form is required to be filed for name reservation named as Form RUN-LLP. After name approval, the applicant will apply for incorporation process, before the name got expired as its validity is three months from the date of approval.
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Incorporation of LLP

After name approval, the applicant has to file an LLP integrated incorporation form through the MCA portal. This form requires details such as particulars of the proposed or approved name of the LLP, business activity to be carried out by the LLP, proof of address of registered office of the LLP, and some attachment like subscriber's sheet including consent, KYC of designated partners, etc.
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Certificate of incorporation

Upon successful registration, the ROC shall issue a certificate of incorporation in under the seal of the registrar. COI contains the details like name of LLP, address of LLP and LLP identification numbe
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Limited liability partnership agreement

After incorporation, LLP agreement will be drafted between the partners and the LLP. Clause related to rights, duties and responsibilities of partners will be mention in agreement. LLP agreement places the clauses relates with partners like, consequences of death of a partner, addition of partner, removal of partner, sharing of profit and loss, dispute resolution, and others. Partners have to file the agreement in form 3 with the ROC along with the applicable stamp duty within 30 days of incorporation.

Documents Required For LLP Registration

If one partner in partnership stand in injury while other is counting money, is no longer partnership

  •   Name of LLP

  •   Business details

  •   LLP agreement on stamp paper of the requisite value with initial capital

  •   Contribution by partners and Profit sharing ratio

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